My latest vacancy rented in 6 days. Rental vacancy marketing like I do gives you every opportunity to minimize your vacancy time because I’ve developed sources of tenants that are exclusive to DB Broker,LLC. I put all vacancies on the MLS, the MLS syndicates that listing to some websites and I put a sign in the lawn. Everybody does this but, I also do my own marketing through Google+, FaceBook, internet rental sites and my company website. I call this active marketing and active marketing of a vacancy is very important. Here’s why the MLS, on it’s own, is no longer enough.

The MLS listing produced 10 showings. That’s good. The MLS syndicates the listing to internet rental sites. Those sites generated 54 views. If I only listed my properties on the MLS that is where the property”s exposure would stop. Now let’s look at what my marketing produced.

The Google+ post ( I put up for this property received 7606 views. The internet rental sites I used generated 166 responses. That is responses not views. That figure is just emails and doesn’t include the calls I received. I could have put the property on the MLS and a sign in the yard and waited for it to rent but, if I did that the property may have remained vacant longer.

Why would the property have most likely remained vacant longer? Well, as it turned out I rented the property in-house. The tenant did not come to me from another realtor through the MLS. I generated the lead that brought in the tenant through my own exclusive marketing avenues. That is why active marketing of rental properties is so important. More and more people are doing their search for rental homes themselves, online. The MLS is no longer the only source of tenants and if that is the only way your property is being marketed you may be experiencing vacancy periods that are longer than they need to be.

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