Management Services

Property Evaluation

DB Broker, LLC will view your vacant property, assess the condition and, if needed, make recommendations for repairs to make the property ready for the rental market. We provide an  opinion of your property’s rent price based on our market analysis.

Vacancy Marketing

DB Broker, LLC will advertise your property on the MLS, with a yard sign, and submit it to over 70 web sites. Your property will be shown on our website and social media sites. We can provide lawn service and will check on your property to make sure it is secure and keeping its curb appeal. We cooperate with leasing agents.

Applicant Screening

DB Broker, LLC checks credit history, criminal history, rental history and verify income. Anyone over 18 years old who will live in your property must submit a detailed application and meet our requirements prior to signing a lease. This is one of the most important services we provide.

Rent Collection

DB Broker, LLC rent due dates are stipulated in the lease. If there is a problem receiving rent we will act quickly to minimize the time it takes to remedy these situations. All of our tenants rent payment history is reported to Experian’s RentBureau.


DB Broker, LLC will cover the cost of an attorney to handle your uncontested eviction at the JP Court level for nonpayment of rent on any tenant we have screened and placed. This does not apply to contested evictions or jury trials. Ask for details.


DB Broker, LLC uses a computerized cash based accounting system. Our system provides accurate recording of income and expenses, year end statements and 1099’s for easy tax preparation. Statements with invoices are provided monthly and are available on our online portal.


DB Broker, LLC uses only licensed and insured vendors for all repairs and maintenance. Our quick response to repair requests will minimize damage to your property and keep your tenants happy. Our 24 hour emergency service for residents is answered by a person.

Property Inspection

DB Broker, LLC will inspect your property in the middle of every lease each year to make sure the property  stays in good condition. The inspection gives us the opportunity to correct any maintenance issues or lease violations early. The inspection is documented in writing with pictures and will be provided to our clients via our online portal.